To install Visual Studio 2010

Download Visual Studio.

Double click on setup.exe..

Visual Studio 2010 installation did not require a restart or reboot during the install process.


Click on Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 link to continue Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate installation.


After setup is completed loading of installation components, click on NEXT buton.

If you want to help improve setup experience by sending information to Microsoft, you can mark the check box “Yes, send information about my setup experiences to Microsoft Corporation.”


Mark the checkbox indicating that you have read and accepted the license terms.

Then Next button is activated, click on Next button to continue Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate installation.


The default product installation path is,
C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0
I choose to install Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with Full features and the required disk size for full install Visual Studio 2010 is 5.9 GB

This size is less when compared with CTP builds full installation requirement 6.4 GB.

You can press the Install button to continue VS2010 setup.

Full installation of Visual Studio 2010 features include :
Installs the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate integrated environment together with modeling, development, testing, and deployment components that can simplify the entire development process and help ensure high-quality solutions. Provides tools for building solutions on Windows, the Web, Azure, the Office system, SharePoint, SQL Server, and other platforms by using Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, or Visual F#.

VS2010 Ultimate full installation includes the following advanced Visual Studio 2010 features:
Test Impact Analysis, Coded UI testing, Test Case Management, Database Development, Profiling Tools, Code Analysis Tools, IntelliTrace, Code Coverage, Modeling and Architecture Diagram Tools and Team Explorer. Also includes SQL Server Express, the Windows SDK, Sync Framework, a graphics library, and more.


After all components listed on the above screen are installed the below result screen is displayed to show the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate setup.


The installation log can be found at C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Now Your visual studio has been ready. Run Visual Studio from Start menu and

select Web Development


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